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Here are some of the pens that I have created this fall.  Are you a hunter or do you have a hunting friend?  Here is a new "Over Under" pen for you to consider.  Also I've included a Cigar pen made from boxelder.  I love the color of this wood.

Pens For Sale


Here are some of my latest and unique creations that are for sale.  


These are 30 caliber pens, and a 50 caliber pen.  The 50 cal was actually fired.  The 30 cal pens are all rollerball and write very smoothly.




This is a Wall St. circuit board pen and contains a ballpoint ink cartridge. 



These are laser cut pens.  Each piece of wood was cut out with a laser, and I assembled them to create these beautiful pens.  All of these pens are roller ball, and have been completed with the highest quality metal parts.



I also can produce special order pens.  This fountain pen was a custom creation in 2010.



This also was a custom order in 2010.  This Premium Cigar Pen was created from the antlers of a whitetail deer.




For more information on pen sales, contact me at Welch.WoodWorks@gmail.com