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Christmas Ornaments Through The Years:

Each year I select a different Christmas Ornament to make, I started a long time ago when my daughters were very young and were in gymnastics.  They had many different coaches and school teachers and we wanted to give them all a gift, so I thought I could make them all something...and that is how I got started.  I enjoy making them, and every year I get to enjoy hearing people telling me about how they put them on their tree, or how they just pulled them out and looked at them.  One of my daughter's high school teachers, Mr. Sams, sends requests home to get his early (he taught both of my daughters) because he puts his tree up in Nov!  The first year I started with about 20 ornaments, and now I make more than 100 each year as gifts.  Here are some pictures of some of them...please visit my Christmas Ornament photo gallery to see more of them.