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I handcraft 4 different styles of bottle stoppers, each slightly unique in the acutal mechanism to seal the bottle (three of the four are included in the picture above).  Email me for questions, or to request a specific wood or style of shape you would like.  Welch.WoodWorks@gmail.com

1)  T-handle  Combo -- This style is a combination corkscrew and bottle stopper in one unit.  The T-handle screws into the bottle stopper making a nice one piece unit for storage.  The metal parts of this stopper are Chrome.  One very unique material that can be used on the handle is a corn cob.  I love the looks of the corn cob on the handle, and request to make the corn cob handle more than any other wood.  The above picture shows two of this style stopper, one assembled, and the other take apart so you can see the cork screw.  The cost for the T-handle Combo is $25.

2)  Chrome Bottle Stopper --  This specific stopper is strictly a bottle stopper.  Two examples of these are in the upper left and right hand corners of the photograph above.  The metal on these units is Chrome.  I can make this one with a cork screw as part of the unit as with the T-handle, however, I think that the T-handle gives more leverage.  The cost of this stopper is $25.

3)  Stainless Steel  Bottle Stopper--  This one in the picture has the shortest metal part (top center).  One of the features of this stopper is that almost all of the metal is inserted into the bottle.  The cost for this stopper is $27.

4)  Compression Bottle Stopper -- This is a new style that I have just started crafting.  I like this style because the entire stopper is contained within the bottle.  To expand inside the neck of the bottle you twist the wooden top clockwise.  As the top spins, a screw mechanism pinches two rubber rings expanding them to seal the bottle.  All of the other stoppers are forced into the bottle.  This one is so new that I don't have a current picture, I've made 5 and sold 3.  Two are currently on display at Wine World in Abingdon, MD.  The cost of this stopper is $27.