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I have been working with wood for about 45 years.  I have built furniture, crafts and I am currently having fun doing turning.  I would like to thank my uncle "Big Guy" Dave Melton for introducing me to wood turning about 10  years ago.  In 2007 began to teach a set of wood turning courses designed to introduce people to the fine art of pen making and bowl turning. I enjoy my hobby because it is not my full time job, I do however, sell my wood art.  If you are interested in purchasing any of my please contact me at welchwoodworks@gmail.com.  All of my work is custom, I also have a laser engraver so I can make custom plaques, coasters, platters, signs and personalize pens.

Thanks for visiting my site!  It site is a work in progress - I'm not a web designer.

Here are some new creations.

Katalox Pepper Mill with Eucalyptus Burl "Ribbons"


A flag case made out of quartersawn oak.


Here are some of the styles of bottle stoppers I have created.


These are some of the turned ornaments I have made.


These are the latest style pens I have been making.  These have been created with a walnut Celtic Knot in the upper section of the pen.


Christmas time is a fun time for me as well.  I make about 100 ornaments for family, friends and associates.  This year, I think I'll add some to my website for sales.  Everyone tells me that I should, so I will.  Check out the Christmas Ornament link to the left.




Bottle stoppers made from golf balls -- I can create these bottle stoppers for any golf balls you have, or that I can purchase.  Most sports teams, uninformed services, golf clubs have balls with logos already. Here are some examples of them that I have created.  Below is a picture of three different style stoppers that I currently am making.  The left two are Chrome, the center two are Stainless Steal, and the ones on the right are Perfect Fit (the two rubber pieces expand to close the opening when the ball is turned).  The base cost is dependent on the cost of the specific golf ball but they typically range from $15 to $20.  Email me if you are interested in a custom golf ball bottle stopper -- welchwoodworks@gmail.com 


Please come see my gallery of items to purchase.  I create handcrafted pens, pencils and wine bottle stoppers/corkscrews made from wood as well as unique items such as antler, Corian, and acrylic plastic.  Email me at welch.woodworks@gmail.com if you are interested in anything on this web site, or if you would like to have something custom made for you.



Interested in learning to turn wood?  I am an instructor for http://annapoliswoodworks.com/.  I find teaching very fun, and enjoy passing on my knowledge to others.  The class room has 10 lathes, and there are three levels of courses.

In addition, I can provide instruction at your location using your lathe and tools (I can also provide tools) so you become more comfortable with your own set up.


If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at welch.woodworks@gmail.com

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